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TLC’s Chilli Posts Message About Soulmates and Tags Usher, and People Lose It: ‘Y’all Thought We Was Gonna Give Up Hope’

TLC’s Chili posted a message about soulmates and tagged Usher, and it got plenty of attention.

The two artists dated from 2001-2003 and split after it was rumored that Usher cheated, but regardless Chilli suggested they’re still soulmates.

“Our souls are so in love but our humans keep getting in the way,” she posted Sunday on Instagram, which is a quote from writer Zack Grey.

But after everyone weighed in Chilli removed the Usher tag.

@usher we all are rooting for you in this one,” one person wrote in the comments. “Y’all thought we was gonna give up hope on you and @therealchilli #NEVVVAAAAAAAA#ComeGetYaGirl y’all haven’t been in solid lasting relationships since!”

“OMG I’m glad I’m not the only one that felt her and usher should’ve stayed together,” another person chimed in.

And a third person told the “Confessions” singer not only to respond to Chilli but do so quickly. 

“HURR UP,” that person wrote.

The comments were pretty much the same on Usher’s Instagram page, and people either begged him to get back with the “Waterfalls” singer or asked him if he had plans to do so.

This isn’t the first time people accused Chilli of still having feelings for the R&B crooner.

In February of last year, someone posted a picture of them and wrote they were a “pretty ass couple,” which the TLC member responded to by writing “Facts.”

But when someone interpreted that response as Chilli still wanting Usher she shut that idea down quickly.

“U got that just from me saying facts?? Cut it out now,” she tweeted.

Usher hasn’t acknowledged Chilli’s Zack Grey post yet, at least not publicly.

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