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Tami Roman’s IG Post of Diddy Has Fans Scratching Their Heads: ‘He Sounds Like Kanye’ 

Tami Roman‘s video of a hysterical Sean “Diddy” Combs has fans questioning if the rapper is at his wits’ end — or if he was simply having a “Kanye West moment.”

Roman shared the video to her Instagram page Friday, with the caption, “Apparently, I’m NOT crazy! 😂😂😂 you know once @Diddy says it, it’s bible 🤷🏽‍♀️ #DiddyIsALWAYSaMood.” The 30-second clip shows the “Bad Boy” producer raving about his “genius” and glorifying the “hustle” of paying people to do the small stuff for him.

“I need my brain to be used like that; I got too much genius sh*t that the world needs to see and feel,” Diddy begins. “That’s why I pay everybody so I can do less work. That’s the hustle. Did you know that’s the hustle? You pay everybody so you don’t do sh*t, but be as happy as you can be.”

At one point, he starts jumping up and down in frustration, adding, “I wanna be happy! I pay too many people!”

Diddy’s “motivational” moment resonated with a few fans, while others argued that his mind was clearly “unraveling.”

“I’m with it. I wish I had enough money to do the same!” one fan commented.

“Very true,” another chimed in. “If u pay out 💰 enough, you shouldn’t have to do the small stuff no’ moe. That means your genius is what’s paying them checks. One thing I can agree on right here. But at the same time you MUST remain HUMBLE!!!”

“He’s losing it …” a critic dissented, while another joked “Ok Kanye.”

“Way too Kanye ish🙄🤦‍♀️,” another agreed, likening Diddy’s antics to those of West, who made headlines last year for his bizarre outbursts and unabashed support of President Donald Trump.

“I thought this was Kanye for a minute,” wrote one fan.

“Is this his ‘Kanye’ moment?” another asked.

“Hm, he sounds like Kanye,” someone else agreed.

Watch more in the video below.

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