YFN Lucci’s New Diamond Grill Says a Mouthful to Turned-Off Fans


Rapper YFN Lucci, who’s the erstwhile boyfriend of 20-year-old Reginae Carter, is getting dragged for spending over $100,000 on diamond teeth.

The “Everyday We Lit” rapper just got a little more flashy. Just when folks thought his blinged-out neck chains and watches were extra, he took things to the next level with gaudy grill.

Lucci took to his Instagram account on Wednesday night and uploaded a video showing off a mouth full of diamonds. He panned his cellphone camera from his several diamond chains around his neck to his permanent diamond grill and asked fans, “Which one hit harder? Those or those?”

YFN Lucci
YFN LUCCI. (Photo: @yfnlucci/Instagram)

The rapper’s customized grill was implemented by Houston dentist Dr. Saif Shere, who apparently removed his veneers. According to Lucci’s Instagram Story from last night, he dropped a whopping total of $120,000 for the diamond nub, $60,000 for each row.

Fans seemed extremely disappointed by Lucci’s new dentistry and blasted him for trading in his pearly whites for bling. One fan asked expressed her letdown to the rapper and commented, “Oh no you had beautiful teeth 😩.”

Lucci responded, “I’ll buy em again.”

YFN Lucci

Other social media users clowned the hip-hop artist’s new spared-no-expense grill.

“Gross!🤮 Man whats wrong with my brothers. That ain’t cute #thatswhytheydowhattheywanttous,” one person commented.

Another Instagram user added, “Why did you have to mess up that pretty smile w/ them pretty teeth 🤷🏽‍♂️.”

“@colormenae I know you ain’t gone want him now sis his breath gone be stanking too🤮 bye toddler mouth🤦🏾‍♀️😂.”

Carter has yet to comment on Lucci’s iced-out grill. The pair allegedly broke up a few weeks ago, and Carter has seemingly been dropping innuendos about it since then. She even deleted all of her photos of the Atlantan from her social media. She also tweeted two now-deleted messages on Twitter that read, “Whoever played with my heart … u a dumb mf,” and “I don’t think u ni–as ever grow up tbh.”

Lucci hasn’t commented on his and Carter’s alleged split and appears to be focused on spending the bag. Not all fans were against his new diamond teeth. A few even suggested that the grill is an improvement on his previous appearance.

“All em hitting hard boss…❄️💯.”

“The ice ❄️ cause the veneers were to big for your face you look good af 😍🤤.”

“Flex on these niggas bro ‼️ Dat boy filthy 💰💰💎.”

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