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‘Power’ Creator Courtney Kemp Teases Sixth Season, Raises Anticipation to a Boil: ‘She Gets a Kick Outta Stressing Us Out’

The premiere date for the sixth season of “Power” has yet to be revealed, and, based on the constant social media chatter, fans can barely wait.

And if the level of anticipation was high before, the show’s creator, Courtney Kemp, raised it even more on Feb. 12 by posting to Instagram a silhouette image of Omari Hardwick, who stars in the series as Ghost. The photo was taken from “Power’s” 608th episode.

Courtney Kemp drives fans crazy after posting a photo from the sixth season of "Power."


“#setlife #episode608 #season6 #color#views #bts #powertv #lovemyjob,” wrote Kemp on Tuesday (Feb. 12). “A moment while shooting @power_starzepisode 608, written by @la_gabriela_uribeand @instagrace_la and directed by @bartwenrich150. @omarihardwickofficialis waiting for his entrance. Ghost ‘bout to make his next move.”

“Can’t wait Courtney! Can’t freakin’ wait,” one eager fan commented afterwards.

The post also evoked all kinds of theories on what will happen in the new season, since season 5 ended with Ghost’s girl, Angela, played by Lela Loren, being shot by Joseph Sikora‘s character Tommy.

“Ghost and Tommy about to square off about the shooting of AUSA Angela Valdez,” one person wrote about the photo.

Then there were people who asked Kemp a few questions in an attempt to get some season 6 answers, but one person said she’ll never give up any information.

“She not gone answer anyone’s questions, because she gets a kick outta stressing us out,” that person wrote.

From the outside looking in, things couldn’t be better for Kemp at the moment, since she recently inked a deal with Starz’s parent company Lionsgate to create “Power” spinoffs. She’s also creating a new show for HBO called “Dirty Thirty,” based on real-life corrupt cops in New York.

Plus, Deadline reports that Kemp has scored the rights to the novel “The Ones We Choose,” which is a story about a son, his mother and a sperm donor the mother used to become pregnant. The TV project will be under her new Lionsgate deal.

The sixth season of “Power” is supposed to arrive sometime this year.

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