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Fans Blame Rich the Kid for Having Usher Involved in Los Angeles Music Studio Robbery

Rich the Kid was the victim of a robbery on Tuesday, Feb. 12, while he was at Westlake Recording Studio in West Hollywood, Calif. Usher was at the studio as well, and police say about 10 shots were fired.

The R&B singer wasn’t hurt during the incident, and Rich’s team said he’s also doing OK, but some of the people in the rapper’s entourage were injured, and his bodyguard was severely pistol-whipped.

TMZ reports the robbery happened outside of the studio, and Rich was singled out. That could be because he posted a photo of himself holding a stack of cash and standing in front of a luxury vehicle just hours before everything went down.

This is the second time in one year that Rich has been robbed. In June 2018 he and his girlfriend Tori Brixx were assaulted in a home invasion in downtown Los Angeles. Soon afterward, Rich’s ex-wife Antoinette Willis accused Tori of setting the rapper up, which she denied.

People sent well-wishes to both Rich and Usher on their social media pages after news of the studio robbery hit, but others offered some stern advice.

Some told Usher he had no business being anywhere around Rich since he was robbed before, although there’s no confirmation that he and the rapper were recording together.

At the same time, some blamed Rich for flashing his money on social media before the incident and said it’s his fault that Usher could’ve been hurt.

“You better be careful trying to make music with them young flashy artists,” someone told Usher. “They gonna get you hurt.”

“That’s why they pulled up on you,” one person wrote to Rich. “You don’t need to flex like that young buck.”

“He set da play on Usher,” a third person commented.

On Wednesday, Feb. 13, the “Yeah!” singer responded to the robbery reports by posting a photo of himself standing in what looks to be the doorway of the recording studio.

“Still believin everything y’all read?” he wrote. “All good 🙏🏾 Me and my crew safe. Thank you for checking up though.”

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