Fans Do a Double Take When They See How Much Porsha Williams Resembles Half-Sister Lauren’s Mom


Fans agree that Porsha Williams and her sister bare a striking resemblance to each other, but they’re astonished to discover “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star looks a lot like Lauren Williams’ mother, too.

Lauren shared a photo to her Instagram page Feb. 9 of a very pregnant Porsha posing with her half-sister’s mother.

“My persons: Pj, mommy, and @porsha4real,” Lauren captioned the post, describing Porsha’s unborn child by her nickname.

porsha williams

Porsha doesn’t share the same mom as younger sister Lauren, but they do have the same father, Hosea Williams II. Yet despite being half-siblings, fans still noticed how much Porsha resembles her sis’ mama.

“The crazy thing is they look alike 😍😍😍😍😍”

“@lodwill your dad got some strong genes because I would’ve thought you and @porsha4real had the same mom. Y’all look like twins to me. Both of y’all are beautiful ❤️”

And much like Porsha’s mom, Diane, fans realized that Lauren’s mom looks a lot younger than she is.

“Omg!!!! Mommy looks sooooo good!! I can’t even believe that’s her 😍😍😍🖤🖤🖤🖤”

“Your mom looks 32!!! Sheesh 😳😳”

“This is your Momma? Her and Momma Diane are so beautiful. Mr. Williams was a lucky man 💚💚”

“Beautiful! Y’all daddy had a type type, 😂. they’re both fabulous looking moms ✨✨✨”

Regardless of not growing up with the same set of parents, the Williams sisters have remained close over the years — even when tension erupted during season 9 of RHOA when Lauren’s surprise pregnancy threatened to lessen her involvement with Porsha’s business.

“My sister Porsha is my partner, my BFF, my favorite MUA, my drinking/party buddy 😝, & my 2nd mom. Sometimes we fight and yell, kiss and hug, talk all night, laugh and cry,” Lauren wrote on Instagram in 2016 the day the aforementioned episode aired. “There is no other person that I would want to have by my side. We’ve had many amazing years of working, succeeding, failing, laughing, crying, and traveling. I’m going to miss the 4 a.m. mornings in different cities, states and countries! I’m going to miss the long press days 😫 kinda….. Lol but I’ll never be too far. I love my sister beyond words and my new plus one is so blessed to have Auntie Porsha. We’re sisters, we’re best friends, we will get over ANYTHING we go through.”

And despite Lauren moving on from working closely with her sis, the pair remains close as Porsha dotes on her 3-year-old niece, Baleigh and Lauren prepares to do the same for her unborn niece. The sisters also plan to raise their girls side-by-side.

“There’s nothing like having a sister and there’s nothing like having kids alongside each other.” Lauren recently said on Instagram. “Our girls will feel like siblings and probably bicker like them too but they’ll always have each other.”

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