Social Media Clowns Angela Simmons ‘Struggle’ Moves: ‘Broke Down Becky’


Growing Up Hip Hop” star Angela Simmons seems to possess a lot of talents, but according to fans, dancing doesn’t appear to be one of them.

Simmons is currently enjoying her vacation in Barbados and seems to be living her best life. She took to her Instagram account on Feb. 7 and shared a video of she and her friend enjoying their time on a speed boat. In the video, rapper Drake’s “In My Feelings” song is playing in the background when the reality star attempts to bust some moves.

Angela SImmons

Simmons began “milly rocking” after trying to perform the dance moves to the “In My Feelings” challenge. In the same post, but different video, she began dancing to Davido’s “Fall” by wavering her legs and arms.

“The water and boats make me ☺️😍 @itskatd 😭 lol,” Simmons wrote in her caption. “#IPlayAllDay #Boat2OfTheDay #SpeedBoat #CantDanceDontCare.”

Fans appeared to agree with Simmons’ “can’t dance” hashtag in her caption and roasted her “struggle moves.”

“I lovvvve you Anggg but stop dancing 🤣,” a fan joked.

” Did you try to milly 😭 you cant dance for s–t! You gotta take this L ang 😂.”

“The struggle moves are real 😂 issa a white girl in there when u dance 😂 #brokedownbecky.”

One fan gushed over how carefree the 31-year-old appears to be.

“I love the fact that you can’t dance well… but you don’t give a damn❣️ .”

Simmons may not be the most skilled in dancing, but she does wear many other hats including fashion designing, acting and advocating for mental and physical health.

The “GUHH” star has always felt strongly about empowering women. In September, she and her team launched social campaign “Pressure Makes Diamonds” which urges teenagers and young women to feel confident within themselves. Simmons told Black Enterprise at the time, that the purpose of the campaign was to encourage a healthier lifestyle -physically, emotionally and mentally.

“The whole idea of this campaign and the mission just came from [my] life and the pressures that I’ve been through,” Simmons said. She also has started the program “Built Not Built” which encourages women to work hard for the life goals they want to achieve.

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