Kelly Rowland Finds Home in Her New Music Video for the Girls Who Were Kicked Out of School for Wearing Braid Extensions

In August 2018, Tyrielle Davis and Faith Fennidy were kicked out of Christ the King Elementary School in Terrytown, La., for wearing hair extensions. According to officials, the extended braids violated a school policy.

One of the girls was even singled out in front of the class by a teacher who pulled out a yearbook and questioned how her hair grew so long in such a short time. A video of Fennidy seen leaving the the school in tears eventually went viral, and many accused school officials of simply disliking Black hairstyles.

The two Louisiana girls who were kicked out of school for having braids were tapped to be in Kelly Rowland's "Crown" Video.


Afterward, groups like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) as well as the Urban League of Louisiana got involved, and the news story apparently touched Kelly Rowland.

That’s because she tapped both girls to be in the video for “Crown,” a new song created by the singer and Dove for their MyHairMyCrown campaign, which is about girls loving whatever hair or style they have.

The Destiny’s Child member said she struggled with her own level of confidence as a child and loves that the issue is being addressed.

“I remember being that young girl and feeling insecure about my hair,” Kelly told Madame Noire. “I remember not being able to go swimming when I wanted or it just being a ‘to do’ to do my hair and just knowing that there was some sort of difference and even being picked on.

“I just love the fact that myself and Dove are opening up this dialogue for a brand new conversation to take place that allows girls to really get a sense of confidence about their hair at an early age, so that they understand even though there are so many different things going on in the world that they’re living in, they get to also change the narrative and start to embrace their own hair beauty and knock down these hair beauty stereotypes,” the singer explained.

A lot of people liked the video after it hit, as well as the message.

“Kelly you’ve been working, babe,” one person wrote. “Represent for us chocolate girls we love you.”

As far as Tyrielle Davis and Faith Fennidy, both parents dropped their lawsuit against the Archdiocese of New Orleans and Christ the King Elementary last year. The hair policy has also been rescinded since the girls were suspended.

You can see Kelly’s “Crown” video below.


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