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Don Lemon Exhibits Zero Ounces of Sympathy for Donald Trump, Tears Into President for Past Harassment of Barack Obama

After President  Donald Trump tweeted about the “presidential harassment” he’s been faced with amid growing investigations into his dealings, Don Lemon has issued a scathing criticism of the Commander-in-Chief.

Among the probes swirling around the president is the ongoing Robert Mueller investigation from the Special Counsel’s Office into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. There’s also House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff hiring former officials in the National Security Council to assist with overseeing Trump’s administration.

“….The Dems and their committees are going ‘nuts.’ The Republicans never did this to President Obama, there would be no time left to run government. I hear other committee heads will do the same thing. Even stealing people who work at White House! A continuation of Witch Hunt!” Trump tweeted Thursday morning in response to the move by Schiff.

don lemon

“Maybe there should be a trigger warning for the president with all of the investigations swirling around him,” Lemon says during the Feb. 7 edition of “CNN Tonight.” “Because he sure sounds triggered.”

The journalist also tore into Trump’s follow up tweet where he complained about the probes.

“PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT! It should never be allowed to happen again!” he said.

don lemon

Lemon didn’t hold back in his evisceration of Trump’s criticism of Barack Obama, who he accused of not being an American during Obama’s presidency in 2011. The conspiracy first emerged during Obama’s 2008 campaign for the oval office, which espoused he was ineligible to run. In her 2018 memoir, former first lady Michelle Obama said she would ” never forgive” Trump for “putting my family’s safety at risk” with the comments.

“Presidential harassment? OK …This is from a man who literally spent years harassing President Obama with that racist birther lie that he wasn’t born in the country, right?” Lemon says. “That oh, ‘he doesn’t work hard, he’s always on the golf course.’ He’s on the golf course way more than President Obama. Took more vacations, spent more money with the Secret Service. Remember that?”

Lemon also mentioned the ongoing battle among House Democrats to get Trump to release his tax returns and the revelation that prosecutors are still investigating campaign finance crimes Michael Cohen admitted to.

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