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Bow Wow Says His World Is Falling Apart After Kiyomi Leslie’s 911 Call Gets Released: ‘He Was Hitting Me in Places That He Said No One Is Going to Believe’

Kiyomi Leslie, real name Leslie Holden, has spoken out since her 911 call was released from an incident with her on-and-off boyfriend Bow Wow over Super Bowl weekend.

As previously reported, police arrived at Bow and Leslie’s apartment building on 205 12th Street in Atlanta after Leslie phoned and said the rapper struck her. Bow Wow claimed the model threw a lamp at him during the fight, and both were taken to jail on Saturday, Feb. 2.

A police report confirmed that Bow Wow said he felt disrespected because Leslie was hanging all over a man named Shaquille at a party they attended. Some believe that person was hoop star Shaquille O’Neal, who threw a party in Atlanta on Friday, Feb. 1.

TMZ released Leslie’s 911 call on Tuesday and she said after the alleged assault Bow Wow and two others wouldn’t let her come out of the bedroom when police first arrived.

“I been physically assaulted by my boyfriend, and I would like to make a report,” she can be heard saying. “He was hitting me in places that he said no one is going to believe. The police already came here, but they wouldn’t let me out the bedroom. They took my phone from me. He was just hitting me with his hands.”

TMZ also released a second call from the manager of Bow and Leslie’s building, who received notice from another resident who heard yelling. The manager then went up to the rapper and model’s unit and said she clearly heard a male voice say “he would slap the f–k out of this b-tch.”

The manager also knocked on the door several times but no one answered.

On Wednesday, Leslie posted a thank you message on Instagram Story to those who’ve sent her well-wishes. “Thanks for being patient with me,” she wrote. “And to all my supporters the love does not go unnoticed. I appreciate it.”

Bow Wow also posted a message one day after the 911 call was released. “Stay positive even when it feels like your whole world is falling apart,” he wrote on Thursday.

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