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Steve Harvey Hilariously Thinks There’s Only One Way to Get Tom Brady Out of the Running for the Super Bowl

The New England Patriots nabbed their sixth ring during Sunday’s low-scoring Super Bowl LIII, but a day earlier Steve Harvey was hoping quarterback Tom Brady wouldn’t lead his team to victory.

The comic said as much during a hilarious opening monologue at the “NFL Honors” Saturday, Feb. 2, detailing how the QB has prohibited many sports stars in attendance that night from making it to the big game.

At the 7:45 time stamp, Harvey starts, “All of us are in here tonight because of one person: Tom Brady,” Harvey tells the crowd of honorees at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta. “If Tom Brady wasn’t living, y’all could be in the Super Bowl. The only way I see us getting in the Super Bowl — and I don’t know why you ain’t thought of it, all this money in this room — y’all ain’t thought of pooling your money together and having him killed?

“That tighten y’all up a little bit?” he says after a pause in which the audience erupts in laughter. “You ain’t thought about it? Hell, I have! I’m tired of Tom Brady in the Super Bowl every damn year! If he wasn’t here, we could be in the Super Bowl!”

The Los Angeles Rams managed to make it to the matchup against the Patriots, whose 41-year-old quarterback is now the oldest in history to win a Super Bowl. However, the game wasn’t an exciting one. Neither team had scored a touchdown before halftime, and it went on to become the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in history in a 13-3 New England victory.

But despite their record-setting run, Harvey wasn’t the only one who was hoping the Pats — who have had the most Super Bowl appearances in the NFL — didn’t make it to the biggest game of the year. Ahead of the annual matchup and afterward, plenty of Twitter users spoke about just how sick they were of the team winning the championship ring.

“Please f—ing win @Chiefs I’m so g-ddamn tired of the Patriots & Brady slurping from the media.”

“I’m so tired of watching the patriots win guys this is annoying.”

“I can’t wait for #TomBrady to retire 😂😂🤣 .. call me a hater, but I’m tired of watching the Patriots win every year 😐”

Watch the full video here.

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