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‘Powerful’: Tami Roman’s Black History Month Message Draws Applause from Fans

Basketball Wives of L.A.” star Tami Roman appears to be starting Black History Month off with a bang.

The reality star took to Instagram this weekend and shared a profound message with fans about honoring the memory of Black leaders who paved the way for the current generations of Black folks.

“One day our descendants will reap immeasurable rewards because we finally united; started respecting the struggle, honoring the sacrifice and memory of our ancestors, “Roman wrote in her Instagram caption on Saturday, Feb. 2. “#BlackHistoryMonth.”

The star’s Instagram post also included a photo of herself donning a sweater with a list of Black leaders including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., an activist who helped lead the Civil Rights Movement from 1954-1968, Harriet Tubman, who helped over 70 enslaved persons with her connections through the Underground Railroad, Marcus Garvey, a Pan-African leader who founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League and many more.

“Dream like Martin, Lead like Harriet, Fight like Malcolm, … and Think like Garvey,” the shirt read.

Roman’s “powerful” Black History month message completely resonated with her fans.

“Powerful🔥,” one fan wrote. “Loving that message 💕.”

Another added, “Amen beautiful well said! A lot of people worrying about the shirt and missed the message of honoring our ancestors ✊🏿. Well said Tami!”

A third supporter commented, “Say PROUDLY my sistah!! Keep speaking the cause!”

Over the past few months, Roman has seemingly gained a reputation for speaking out on certain social issues including health/wellness. In June 2018, she experienced a great deal of backlash from folks who criticized her dramatic weight-loss from diabetes. However, the mother of two shot back at naysayers who body-shamed her by saying she lost her “willingness to die.”

Tami Roman


“I didn’t lose weight, I lost my willingness to die. DIABETES IS NO JOKE!” Roman wrote on Instagram. “So enjoy yourself laughing, leaving negative comments & calling me a ‘crackhead’…but I have two beautiful daughters and I’m gon’ live for them by ANY means necessary.”

Roman appears to be in a better place now and recently debuted in the December film “Fall Girls” featuring “Love and Hip Hop” co-stars Amara La Negra and Paris Phillips. 

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