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#DaddysTwin: Kenya Moore’s Baby Is Growing Up to Look Just Like Dad, and Fans Take Notice

Kenya Moore’s daughter is slowly starting to come into her own but growing up means she’s also beginning to resemble her restaurateur dad even more.

Fans have been saying for weeks that Brooklyn Doris Daly looks like her father Marc Daly, but in a new Instagram photo uploaded to the baby’s account Sunday, she looked even more like dad than ever.

“Hey, can I get some privacy please? Trying to take a bath here 👶🏽” read the caption on the 4-month-old’s IG photo posted Feb. 3.

kenya moore


As “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s daughter stared adorably up into the camera, fans marveled at just how much she resembles Daly.

“🌸💕She’s beautiful!! I’m sooo happy for you! #DaddysTwin💕💕”

“…she looks like her daddy.”

“Awww she looks just like daddy.”

“So stinkin adorable 😍💖 She looks like her daddy. God Bless you all 😊”

The newest Brooklyn post comes a week after the infant made her daddy her Man Crush Monday. On Jan. 28, the baby’s account included a photo of a younger and smaller Brooklyn sleeping on her snoozing father’s chest.

“#MCM my daddy is my first love 💕 and people say I look just like him 👶🏽 #brooklyndaly #babydaly #marcdaly #miraclebaby,” the intimate post was captioned.

Daly and Moore have been sure to soak up lots of time with their daughter. Moore especially almost never appears to go anywhere without her daughter in tow.

During a brunch last month with pal and former “RHOA” star Miss Lawrence, Moore showed off her outfit and her baby with her play uncle.

“Strolling into brunch with @misslawrence like a boss,” she captioned the Jan. 13 photo set of the gathering.

When it was time for Moore to jet off to a tropical getaway for her birthday trip weeks later, the “RHOA” alum made sure to take her favorite girl along.

But at the time she also debuted her fit figure in celebration of her 48th trip around the sun. Her flat belly stole most of all the attention away from adorable Brooklyn, as shown in the comments section.

“Twirl girl💋gone with the wind fabulous 🔥 #womenover40whoslay 🔥🔥”

“YES MA’AM ! ❤️🔥 motherhood looks so great on you 🥰😘”

“48 where… you and the baby look good😍”

“Damnnn body snatched back.”

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