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Keyshia Cole Jumps Into Ricky Smiley’s Well-Wishes to Wendy Williams with Unexpected Take ‘God Don’t Like Ugly’

Rickey Smiley helped fill in for Wendy Williams on “The Wendy Williams” show on Wed. (Jan. 30), while the talk show host is still reportedly out from having Grave’s disease.

Wendy has been absent since late December amid rumors of her husband being unfaithful and an allegedly pregnant mistress, which the couple has denied.

Ricky Smiley sent Wendy Williams some well-wishes that were shut down my Keyshia Cole.


On the same day Smiley filled in for Williams as guest host, he posted a video on social media and wished her well. But some people like Keyshia Cole didn’t think she deserved one and let it be known.

“Wendy, thank you for a wonderful, awesome opportunity to come and be a part of your show and everything that you and your staff allowed me to do,” said Smiley. “But more important than anything, we want to say that we are praying for you, and we hope that you are well, we are looking forward to you coming back. We’re praying for your health, we’re praying for your strength, praying for your mind.”

A good number of folks liked the comedian’s message and thought it was big of him to wish Wendy well.

“That’s nice of him,” someone wrote. “So many wanting to put her down.”

Then Cole eventually chimed in and let’s just say she didn’t exactly co-sign Smiley’s message.

“I’ll keep my opinion to myself,” wrote the R&B star under the post. “Cause God don’t like ugly. And I have to say the ugly truth is…..”

A lot of people begged the Oakland raised-songbird to finish her sentence and reveal what “ugly truth” she had.

Plus, a few were surprised at the “Love” singer’s comment because there isn’t a major beef between her and Williams to speak of. In fact, Cole has been on her show more than once, like in 2010 and in 2017.

Some people blasted the R&B star for shooting down Smiley’s kind words and called her mean.

“She is suffering from a deadly debilitating disease,” someone wrote to Keyshia about Wendy. “Why wish more pain and hurt on someone who is already down?”

According to a report, Wendy is supposed to return to her show later this month.



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