‘Yas Nae!’: Social Media Praises Reginae Carter for ‘Killing’ the Natural Game


Reginae Carter, the 20-year-old daughter of rapper Lil Wayne, is racking up points from fans who love how she embraces her natural beauty.

The “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” alum took to her Instagram page on Friday morning and shared a photo of herself naturally glammed up from head to toe. She sported a red Balenciaga sweater dress with a pair of black and silver striped sock boots and a mini designer bag.

Carter also opted for a simple side-part shoulder-length bob and bare face free of makeup that seemingly accentuated her natural beauty.

Reginae Carter
photo courtesy@colormenae

“Currently doing the Balenciaga challenge💋,” the 20-year-old reality star wrote in her caption.

Fans clamored underneath her comments, remarking over how naturally dolled up she looked.

“Yas Nae show tf out!!!,” a fan wrote. “You are killing the natural game 😍.”

Another added, “I really love that you don’t pile whole lot of makeup on your face NATURAL BEAUTY & GLOW 😍 (( & I’m a makeup girl)) #whenyourmelaninispoppin.”

One fan commented on Carter’s overall look.

“This outfit is a 10, natural face is a 10 and that body is a 10 love you Nae 🔥😘.”

The 20-year-old appears to be comfortable in her naturalness and isn’t afraid to let folks know. Over the years, Carter has fought off detractors who’ve body-shamed her for having a”natural” physique.

In May 2018, the reality star got into a minor spat with a fan who suggested that she undergo plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. The star posted a photo of herself donning a black cutout dress from Fashion Nova when a fan urged her to get breast implants.

Reginae Carter
photo courtesy@colormenae

“You lit! all you need to do is get you some breast implants! no shade!!! because i think you LIT!!” the commenter wrote underneath her photo.

Carter made it perfectly clear that she was secure with her body and wasn’t here for society’s beauty standards. She issued a classy clapback to the naysayer and replied, “I’m good. Society ruined you tho.”

Despite the initial fan’s negative comment, the 20-year-old got an overwhelming amount of support from others.

“Girl ur boobs are fine. Don’t put that on your body. Why would anyone suggest that,” one of her supporters wrote.

Another added, “You are beautiful just the way you are.”

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