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Tamar Braxton Dismisses Ex-Husband Vincent Herbert After Revealing 5-Year-Old Son Sleeps In Bed With Her and Boyfriend: ‘That’s Not Really His Business’

Singer Tamar Braxton revealed a candid confession to her foe Kandi Burruss: Her 5-year-old son still sleeps in bed with her and even snuggles between her and Braxton’s mystery boyfriend.

Braxton admitted the co-sleeping habit on the “Celebrity Big Brother” live feed Jan. 28 after asking how things went when Burruss was raising now-16-year-old Riley Burruss.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star admitted it was difficult to maintain structure and a pal told her she needed to get baby Riley into her own crib rather than sleeping with in bed with the single mom. But Braxton disclosed that her son Logan, whom she shares with estranged husband Vincent Herbert, does not sleep in his own bed.

“He be in the bed with me and T’Chella, sleep,” says Braxton, who refers to the Nigerian Harvard alum she’s been dating for six months as a version of the “Black Panther” character’s name.

Burruss wondered if that sleeping situation bothered Herbert. Braxton blatantly stated the two are “not together,” adding, “That’s not really his business.”

“If he did that with somebody it looked like he was getting ready to marry, why would I act a fool?” she continued, musing about if the shoe was on the other foot. “I would want him to be close to her. I would want him to really, really like her.”

Braxton said Logan has only recently been allowed to sleep in the bed with her and her 40-year-old beau. She also noted her son sleeps close to his mom.

Burruss, however, wasn’t doing that with Riley.

“Because I was single, obviously I dated and there were a few times where I thought it was getting serious but it didn’t last and so I never would do that,” she explains. “I ain’t wanna get her accustomed to them. She’s not sleeping in the bed with somebody.”

Braxton didn’t seem convinced into changing things up with her son, but several viewers sided with Burruss on the matter.

“Tamar son should not be sleeping in the bed with her and her boyfriend.”

“No, your child should not sleep in a bed with a stranger. That’s not cool. I would not have my child or children to be that close to anyone other than me or their dad.”

“Wait! Logan sleeps in the bed with her and her man?! That’s not cool!! NOT COOL! I lost a little bit of respect for Tamar. She better change her damn mind about that crap!”

“Kandi was right about sleeping with bf/and your child in the bed. What is Tamar thinking, she has only been dating this guy for 6 months…But Logan is 5 he is too old to be sleeping with his mom, period. Getting along with his father’s GF or his mother’s BF is one thing but sleeping with them is another.”

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