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Porsha Williams Defines Submission in Marriage as Man Leading, Not Controlling

Porsha Williams is enjoying her engagement to fiancé Dennis McKinley, and she’s reflecting on the difference between her freedom with McKinley compared to the more submissive role she played with ex-husband Kordell Stewart.

On “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” after show on Jan. 24, Williams recalled how she and Stewart never got the teamwork thing down pat.

“I can be the woman of my household on my own,” Williams says. “But with Dennis, I can see that we’ll have a team and that’s just something that, unfortunately, I couldn’t get together, the team part.”

Williams explained she sought out traits that were common with those of her dad. As such, she wanted someone who could lead the family and admitted that both her former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback spouse and entrepreneur soon-to-be groom fit the bill.

“I can see that he can lead this family and I can trust him to lead the family,” she says of McKinley. “We just have to do it as a team. … He should be the man of the house.”

As for the idea of being submissive, Williams says she doesn’t see it as a means for a man to control her, as many of her co-stars seemed to think was the case during her two-year marriage to the ex-NFL star.

“I put it more on my role in the household as opposed to him. When I say submissive, a lot of people don’t get it because me talking about submission has to come from my religious background. So, as the wife, it’s kinda the role … but in the modern world, people take it as ‘Oh, he’s gonna tell you what to do, he’s gonna control you.’ It will be a negative situation if you’re with someone who is controlling or if you’re with someone who takes that submissive role as the lesser role.”

Williams also explained men abuse power she says women lend them because “they don’t know how to be a man.” She also acknowledged that there would be some things that she would ask her husband about and he, in turn, would ask her about things as well.

The remark seemed to reflect on a season 5 “RHOA” girls trip incident where Williams admitted Stewart “would not be OK” with her going to a strip club.

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