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’This Is All Wrong’: Malaysia Pargo’s Casual Trendy Look Gets Trashed By Fans

Basketball Wives of L.A.” actress Malaysia Pargo and her recent fashion choices have been getting trashed by fans.

Pargo is usually quite the fashionista who usually wins followers over with her chic attire, but in this instance that was not the case. She took to Instagram on Jan. 20 and shared a photo of herself posing for the gram.

In the image Pargo sported a white long-sleeve shirt that was seemingly cut up at the bottom. She tucked the carved articles inside of her distressed denim shorts and had her shirt hanging out of her bottoms. She also paired the outfit with royal blue thigh high boots, a dark blue fur coat and a blue and white bangle.

Malaysia Pargo

photo courtesy@malaysia

“I’m coming for everything that’s mine 2019,” Pargo wrote in her Instagram caption.

Fans appeared to be thrown off by Pargo’s attire, her “oily” makeup and orange lip combination.

“I don’t know if her face is oily or too much highlight but I hate it 😩. & the outfit is tacky,” a fan expressed.

Another person expressed extreme disappointment in Pargo’s recent fashion picks.

“Malaysia, love you and you have to much going on in this picture. You usually use good fashion sense,” the female supporter wrote.

“Don’t come wearing that 😞 throw the whole fit away including the hooker boots . I know you try to create trend but mi cutie not this one it’s a no love you❤️,” another added.

The 38-year-old earned quite the stylist title during season 5 of “BBW” after she pettily offered to help her cast-mate Ogom “O.G.” Chijindu with her hair and fashion. The duo got into a heated argument on Twitter after O.G. felt disrespected by Pargo’s comments about her wig “coming off.” To make matters worst, during the season 5 reunion Pargo critiqued one of O.G.’s dresses that revealed the side of her breast area.

“She could’ve left the side boob at home because you don’t have the boobs for it,” Pargo said.

O.G. shot back, “Who are you to tell my boobs what they can wear. … My boobs are just fine.”

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