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‘Makes Me Want to Puke’ Social Media Drags Keyshia Cole for ‘Not So Funny’ Crab-Leg Video

Four-time Grammy Nominated singer Keyshia Cole is receiving backlash for an Instagram Live video she did over the weekend.

A new craze on social media of people going on Instagram Live and sloppily eating seafood has several celebs joining in on it, including Cardi B., Ariana Fletcher and now Cole.

The 37-year-old singer took to her social media live session on Jan. 19 and recorded a video of herself “going in” on a seafood plate. In the video, she revealed that she and singer Monica will be “hitting the stage” in Oklahoma City on January 26. However, in the midst of Cole talking to her followers, she’s starts breaking and sucking the meat out of a few crab legs. She was also smacking her food, licking her fingers and while making grunting sounds while eating.

The seemingly joking video of Cole’s efforts to join the Mukbang fad quickly went left after fans slammed her behavior as disgusting.

“Wtf is wrong with Keisha yall? 😳,” one fan wrote. “This is gross watching people chew makes me want to puke.’

Another chimed in, “This is Soo stupid u eating crabs sucking like u got a 🍆 in ya mouth girl these celebrities🤦.”

“This looks n sounds disgusting.sorry keisha,” a third wrote.

One fan jumped to Cole’s defense and informed folks that she was only joining in on the fun of a new social trend.

“Leave Keysh alone, everyone is doing the Mukbang thing 👀.”

The new Mukbang craze that has Cole and other celebrities participating originated in South Korea in 2010. It’s basically a live online video or audiovisual broadcast of a person eating a large plate of food while interacting with their audience.

Rapper Cardi B. also participated in the social media trend in December 2018 after she recorded herself on Instagram Live digging into a plate of crab legs while on her private plane. She’s also seen voraciously eating her food while making smacking noises. She shared the video to her Instagram feed and captioned it, “Good veneers.”

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Good veneers

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