Is Cynthia Bailey Leaving Atlanta? Star Stuns Host Andy Cohen With This Revelation About Her Relationship With Mike Hill

Cynthia Bailey is absolutely head over heels for her boyfriend Mike Hill and she’d be willing to give up most of her life in Atlanta to be with him forever.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star on Sunday explained she and her Fox Sports 1 sportscaster beau will definitely wed, but that wasn’t the most alarming part of her appearance on a late-night Bravo talk show.

“Yes and yes. Absolutely, absolutely,” Bailey responded to a caller on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” Jan. 20 who asked if she would ever move to the same city as Hill and if they’d get married.

She added that she and her boyfriend talk about marriage “all the time” and had no qualms about her certainty that they will walk down the aisle.

“I’m in L.A. now. This is Mike’s city. I spend a lot of time in L.A.,” she says. “And yes, I can confidently say that Mike and I will be getting married.”

Her fellow guest RuPaul interjected to ask if she would up and leave Atlanta, where she’s lived for more than a decade. Then, Bailey issued a clarification.

“No, no, no. I love Lake Bailey and so does Mike, but I think I would be in L.A. more full time,” she says.

While her change in living locations might be alarming, her admission about getting hitched to Hill should come as no surprise.

During an interview with E!’s “Daily Pop” in December, she acknowledged her previous statement where she said she will never get married again after divorcing Peter Thomas.

“For a long time I did not [want to get remarried]. But I have to say I’m pretty smitten by Mike Hill,” she said, even stating she’d go so far as to propose to her man if he doesn’t make it happen.

“Yes, I might do it, absolutely,” she said, “I’m a woman of a certain age, I don’t have a hundred years to wait for him to ask me. If he doesn’t do it in a timely fashion, I might have to.”

Even still, she indicated she’d have no problem leaving “RHOA” if it meant being with Hill.

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