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Shaunie O’Neal Accused of Drumming Up ‘Fake Drama’ Ahead of ‘BBW’ Premiere

Shaunie O’Neal recently reshared a post from Snoop Dogg that led to some less-than-shining accusations from her followers.

On Saturday, O’Neal uploaded a meme that read, “If we can’t help each other win…..I don’t want the relationship, the friendship or the association.”

“If you were wondering why we’re not cool 😉” O’Neal added in the caption.

shaunie o'neal


Several fans backed up the sentiment.

“Well said.”

“🗣🗣Say it loud for the folks in the back.”

“Nena. Preach it and Stamp it on some of these people’s foreheads. Stay Blessed. M⭐️⭐️D.”

But others accused the “Basketball Wives” executive producer and star of being phony and being the mastermind behind the made-for-TV drama that will go on once season eight airs.

“Yeah show about to start. All these stupid show think that we are dumb with their fake drama …FOH @shaunieoneal5.”

“You’re FAKE ASF !!!”

“Switched up on @tamiroman !! HOW DARE YOU.”

Fans have been getting after O’Neal for her part in the drama between Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman. During season 7 of the show, tensions flared between the two women when they were blaming one another for their respective roles in a rumor that Lozada slept with O’Neal’s ex.

Viewers of the show were outraged when they discovered O’Neal was siding with Lozada despite the alleged betrayal.

That was made clear when folks responded to a meme O’Neal uploaded to Instagram in August.

“Don’t underestimate me. I know more than I say, think more than I speak and notice more than you realize,” it read.

O’Neal made it known she was all for the post when she added, “Amen! And a lot of the time I don’t care enough to do any of the above… #justsayin #buhbye” in the caption.

But fans lit her up over the memo.

“But why would you choose Evelyn over Tammy?”

“You pick and choose when to care, and depending WHO the person is. I love you on your family show, but bring that same energy over to BBW.”

That last comment got the ultimate brushoff from O’Neal, who wasn’t fazed by the criticism.

“you sound crazy 🤣,” she replied.

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