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Brushing Teeth In the Kitchen? Kandi Burruss’ Husband Todd Tucker Questioned Over Daddy Daycare

As his wife Kandi Burruss competes in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house, Todd Tucker is holding things down at home. But the way he parents young Ace has some raising their eyebrows.

On Instagram Jan. 16, Tucker uploaded a video giving fans a glimpse of how he gets his nearly 3-year-old son ready for school each morning.

“Daddy Daycare day four … Brushing your teeth? You gon’ brush your tongue?” Tucker asks Ace, who is noticeably cleansing his mouth with a Batman electric toothbrush at the kitchen sink rather than in a bathroom.

“Yep, get your tongue. Good job,” his dad says in praise of him. “Daddy Daycare. Getting ready for school.”

Many noticed the peculiar location of Ace’s teeth-brushing session, which included a stove in the background.

“@todd167 brushing his teeth in the kitchen…? #NOOOOBRUH.”

“🤮🤢in the kitchen. Only dads.”

“In the kitchen really? I understand he’s a kid & it’s funny, but dad don’t have him spit on the counter. 😂”

“Daddy take him to the bathroom for that, not the kitchen.💕”

“In the kitchen?!….smh Definitely daddy day care..🤢😧”

Even Burruss’ pal Toya Wright had to call Tucker out on the location.

“I’m in the kitchen…. this is real daddy daycare 😂😩,” she commented.

“@toyawright lol! He eats, we brush teeth and we out the door!” Tucker replied, explaining why there’s no time for Ace to head to a bathroom to get his teeth clean after breakfast.

toya wright

Daddy Daycare has been extended to much longer hours since Tucker has been looking after the toddler as his mom is busy in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house. Burruss hasn’t had contact with her family for the last several days as a result of the competition’s rules against internet usage and the like. She’ll be holed up in a house with 11 other celebrities who are all competing to take home $250,000.

And just for entering the house, she’ll earn $100,000. While that may seem like a solid chunk of change to the average person, Burruss’ pay, which is the same as what her fellow competitors are making, is significantly less than what stars of the U.K. edition of the show have made. Ray J reportedly made history when he earned $1,000,000 for appearing on the show in 2017.

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