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Hazel-E Apparently Will Be Forced To Testify in Katt Williams’ Case After She Gets Served in an Airport

It looks like Hazel-E will be testifying against her ex-boyfriend Katt Williams. She didn’t indicate why, but she was served at an airport after exiting a flight.

“Get off the plane in the airport, get served by the police, for the sh-t with Katt,” she said on Wednesday on Instagram. “I’m still in the airport and the police just served me. That’s some bullsh-t. Guess I’m going to testify like a b-tch in court.”

Hazel-E said she's testifying in Katt Williams' case.

In 2016 Katt’s Atlanta home was raided by police after he was accused of assaulting one of his security guards. Hazel was in the house at the time, and the raid sparked their breakup. It’s not clear if the alleged assault has to do with the reality star testifying but it’s highly likely. Hazel spoke about the raid on the same day she was released from jail.

“SWAT teams, guns pointed at my chest for a raid in the morning,” she told TMZ. I wish Katt to get some actual help. He’s really angry right now.”

Katt hasn’t commented on that particular interview or the fact that his ex will testify. But he did unleash a barrage of insults on Hazel,  but then quickly asked her for forgiveness.

“Hazel, please take me back,” he pleaded. “I made a mistake, baby, please … I won’t smoke no more. Please, I’ll quit.”

“Whatever crack you saw me smoke, that’ll be the last time. Baby, please,” he added. “Please forgive me. okay? I’m sorry. F— all this dumb s—. You see what happened since I haven’t been with you. It’s been terrible. Please, Hazel, just take me back. I’ll do better this time.”

There’s no word on when Hazel will be testifying in her ex’s case.

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