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Fans Left Scratching Their Heads Over Eva Marcille’s New Explanation About Why She Invited Porsha Williams and Not Nene Leakes To Her Bachelorette Party

Eva Marcille is explaining once and for all why her “big sis” Nene Leakes wasn’t invited to her bachelorette party, and fans are raising their eyebrows at the model’s inconsistency.

On “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” after show Jan. 13, Marcille told friend of the show Tanya Sam how the O.G. housewife didn’t get an invite to the Miami bash.

“I was doing a hosting, it was a strip club and I was hosting,” Marcille says. “And so, like, ooh, boom! Make it like bachelorette! And when I got the flyer I was sitting next to Porsha [Williams] at work at “Dish [Nation].”

Marcille explained that she was hosting a party/bachelorette shindig in The Magic City, which Williams said was one of her “spots” aside from Las Vegas.

“I was like, ‘Well, if you’re in Miami you should come by!’ And that was the invitation, like, it was not I made these great invitations and mailed them to someone … It was very casual. But it wasn’t that big of a deal.

“And then the pictures from that came out and then it’s like, ‘Oh, why wasn’t Nene invited?’ I was hosting a strip club first of all,” Marcille continues. “And second of all, she’s in the middle of fighting a battle with cancer with her husband. Hindsight being 20/20, maybe I should have said something and at least give her the opportunity and even if she’s gonna say no, let her tell me no versus just assuming.”

Marcille wound up inviting the cast — including Leakes — to Japan to make up for the missed invites and have a “real bachelorette last hurrah.”

But the explanation differed from what the model told her cast mates on a Dec. 16 episode of “RHOA.” When Williams pointed out Leakes wasn’t invited but she was, Marcille said the trip was basically a surprise.

She knew it was happening but the list of attendees ballooned to 12 friends, and Marcille said that “was not the original plan.”

Fans noticed that blip and promptly called out the “America’s Next Top Model” alum for getting caught in yet another lie.

“Didn’t Eva say a few episodes ago that the bachelorette party was a surprise? … I’m confused.”

“She did, this is like the 3rd story she’s told 🤦”

“Eva got an excuse and back story for everything.”

“This girl lies so much‼️They’re going to bring all kinds of receipts out at the reunion.

“I love Eva, but the story keeps changing.. 🥴🥴 still love her tho! 🤷🏽‍♂️

Previously, Marcille denied she shaded Shamari DeVoe’s style during a game of pass the peach despite passing the peach to the Blaque singer, which indicated the performer was the one in the group who needed a makeover.

Additionally, Marcille denied on Sunday night’s episode that she shaded Cynthia Bailey while at the gym with Williams. But Eva the Diva did, in fact, tell Williams she thought Bailey was like a “mother,” and that she has “the veteran walk.”

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