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Kevin Gates Says He Has No Beef With Boosie Badazz After Years of Rumored Tension

Kevin Gates discussed the rumored beef between himself and Bossie Badazz in a new interview.

The two Baton Rouge rappers never fought or argued, but talk of there being bad blood has existed for years. Plus, in 2016 their respective entourages got into a nasty fight during a concert.

Kevin Gates addresses rumored beef with Boosie Badazz


But despite all of that, Gates said there was never any real beef between he and the “Wipe Me Down” rapper.

“That’s crazy,” he told TMZ’s Raquel Harper. “I never had a situation with him. I’m super polite in public. I don’t have no problems.”

But Gates did say if anyone tried to challenge him or wanted to start a beef, he’d be willing forfeit his freedom, although he doesn’t really want that.

“Now if you want that from me and you throw that alley, I’m gonna slam right there, in front of my child or whatever,” he explained. “I’m going to do a life sentence. I’ma slam right there and he know that. That’s why I cherish and cling to him and try to avoid being those situation. I don’t want that for my life. I want to be peaceful.”

Last year Boosie touched on the supposed beef as well and just like Gates, he said there was never really a problem, folks just thought there was. Boosie also said the fight in August was just between their crews and had nothing to do with them.

“Me and Gates never really had no issue,” Boosie told VladTV in August. “It’s just the people making it out to be.”

“His DJ had said some sh–, supposed to had said some sh– at a concert and sh–. My boys, they flashed out on some sh–, but it was never me and Gates head up,” he added. “Once Gates was coming off stage I hollered at Gates and everything. It was nothing like that … We don’t do rap beef.”

You can watch a portion of Gates’ interview below.

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