Kaepernick Rebuts Report That He Gave Travis Scott the Green Light To Perform at the Super Bowl

So Colin Kaepernick didn’t consult with Travis Scott about the rapper performing at the Super Bowl.

On Tuesday Variety ran a story that stated Scott and Kaepernick spoke on the phone, and while they didn’t agree, Kap was OK with Scott performing at the big game’s halftime show.

Colin Kaepernick confirms that he didn't consult with Travis Scott about performing at the Super Bowl.


That’s because, according to reports, Scott would only perform if the league would donate $500,000 to the nonprofit organization Dream Corps.

It was also said that both men left the conversation with “mutual respect and understanding,” but according to Hot 97’s Ebro Darden that never happened. Darden is friends with the quarterback-turned-activist and has stuck up for him in the past.

“Kap did not approve this bullsh–,” tweeted Ebro on Jan. 15. “Get the f— outta here.”

Kaepernick eventually retweeted Ebro’s message, confirming that he and Scott never spoke about the performance.

Kap’s girlfriend, Nessa Diab, who works with Ebro at Hot 97, sent her own message about the Variety report and called it bogus. “Facts @Ebro,” she wrote. “They need to stop lying.”

Nessa also seemed to criticize Big Boi, since it was announced that he’d be hitting the stage at the Super Bowl as well, and she posted the definition of the word “sellout.” Plus, she wrote the words “If you’re with them then you are definitely not with us,” to double down on her point.

Kaepernick also weighed in on the Outkast member playing the halftime show when he liked another post by Ebro.

“This is wack to me @ bigboi,” wrote Ebro. “Why, bro?”

News of Scott, Big Boi and Maroon 5 playing the halftime show came in December to much criticism, since the NFL has seemingly blackballed Kaepernick for kneeling during pregame performances of the national anthem. He’s since filed a lawsuit against the league and accused the owners of colluding to keep him out.

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