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Jennifer Williams Sets Tongues Wagging In Sexy Lingerie Photo Shoot

Jennifer Williams may be a taken woman but a sexy shot of herself she uploaded on Instagram was just for her.

The “Basketball Wives” star posted a photo in a lacey bodysuit to her account on Jan. 9.

“Well, today I decided to crush on myself… Thank you @krishphotos for focusing your lens on me 😘” Williams captioned the pic.

If fans are feeling themselves and want to take part in a similar photo shoot — public or private –here’s a similar bodysuit.jennifer williams

(@jenniferwilliams/@krishphotos/Instagram)By the looks of the comments, however, many were just enamored by the reality star’s appearance.

“This is beautiful!!!”

“Much Respect Black Queen!!”

“Ain’t know u had it like that Jen.”

“DAYUM… I must say you are beyond gorgeous jenn! Amazing!👑💕💯🔥🤟🏽👏🏾”

But there were some fans who criticized her for posting such a photo online.

“Though you look like a delicious chocolate lollipop, naked pics online at your age queen? As beautiful as you are, it is totally unnecessary to be exposing your T&A to the world.”

“This is what you are doing?”

And maybe the warnings are warranted. In 2011, Williams joined a list many celebrities would rather not be a part of when her nudes leaked online.

Six photos emerged on the internet at the time of the “Basketball Wives” star in various states of dress — or undress.

According to HelloBeautiful, the images saw Williams clad in lingerie, posing topless while wearing jeans and totally in the buff.

Her former BBW co-star Royce Reed alleged that Williams had leaked the pics herself. But the former Mrs. Eric Williams denied it.

Allegedly, Williams tweeted at the time, “First of all, if I wanted everybody to see me naked, I would’ve went to Playboy.”

Yet while those photos weren’t released with the star’s permission, this time, the sexy but covered photo uploaded one Wednesday in January was all Williams’ doing.

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