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Don Cheadle Masterfully Shuts Down Kathy Griffin After She Accuses Him of Disloyalty Over Controversial Donald Trump Photo

The comedian Kathy Griffin lashed out at Don Cheadle and got a well-worded response from the actor that was classy but sharp enough to shut her down.

You may recall that Griffin posted a gory photo of herself holding a bloody, severed head of Donald Trump, which was heavily criticized by both the left and right. The President eventually responded, expressed his utter disgust and Griffin received a visit from the Secret Service. And that was after she apologized for the photo, then later retracted the apology.

Don Cheadle responded to Kathy Griffin after she called him out for not defending her.


Griffin also lost her job at CNN as co-host of its annual New Year’s Eve show for the image, and these days she spends much of her career talking about it, claiming she was blackballed and blasting the people who haven’t stuck up for her.

The comedian’s most recent target was Cheadle, who she called out on Twitter.

“Oh great, Don,” she tweeted. “I will never forgive you for your nasty tweet the day my smear campaign started. You know it was a f—ing smear campaign, and you have never taken a moment to apologize. Some liberal you are. Yes, my memory is long, my ex-friend. Shame on you. I kept a list. Fear me.”

The actor replied by simply writing “Huh?” but that only seemed to anger Griffin more.

“Huh? You’re a d–k in real life but believe it or not, I truly hope what I went though never happens to you. Never,” she tweeted. “And if it did I would be the first in line to stand up for you, get my ass on television and do everything I could to defend you and the first amendment. It’s easy, Don.”

Cheadle responded by using seven different points and broke down why he found Griffin’s claims ridiculous. He also denied that he and the comedian are friends.

“Sigh, okay Kathy,” he wrote. “We had one conversation on a flight about our mutual disgust for an individual. One, I don’t ‘friend’ that quickly so we can’t really be ‘exes.'”

“Two, had I been your friend and you had asked my opinion I would have said ‘Kathy, for your own sake, please do not depict yourself holding the bloody, severed head of the president, evoking Daesh, Daniel Pearl and every other painful, disturbing memory associated with it,’ your first amendment rights notwithstanding,” he added.

Cheadle then told Griffin she should’ve expected a visit from the Secret Service and said it was ridiculous for her to think he would go on a media campaign to defend her, which was his sixth point.

“This is six more than necessary answers to your ‘Don’s a d— because he didn’t go on TV to champion me’ tweet,” he wrote. “Seven, you wanna rap offline, you know how that works.”

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