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Fans of Tiny Harris Say She Looks Great Without Any Makeup

Singer Tiny Harris from the 1990s R&B group Xscape recently showed off her natural beauty in a photo that wowed fans.

Harris, who’s also the wife of rapper T.I., shared a group photo of herself and her friends taken Jan. 7 at a restaurant in downtown Atlanta. She posed with her Xscape group-mates Tameka Scott, Kandi Burruss and her friends Toya wright and Rasheeda Frost.

Tiny Harris

photo credit @majorgirl/freddyo

However, all eyes turned to Harris as she sported a bare face topped with a bold red lip that matched the accent colors on her Adidas jumpsuit.

“Big banks 🏦 A normal day for me is no makeup,” the mother of four wrote on Instagram. “Of course everyone else was so prepared for the pictures but the red lips put me in the game!!”

Harris’ fans were amazed at how beautiful she looked without all of the glitz and glam of makeup.

“You dont need any make up you still look like you were all dolled up 👑 @majorgirl.”

“I’ve never seen you without any but your skin is beautiful you don’t need makeup.”

“Some ppl just don’t need any makeup (Me). Its Natural beauty 👄 Ur just really beautiful without it 👍.”

Harris’ appearance has been an evolving element in her life. She’s openly admitted to getting cosmetic surgery done to her face and body. She told talk show host Wendy Williams during an interview in 2014 that she had her breasts and butt cosmetically enhanced.

“It’s a little bought,” she told Williams while referring to her backside. “[And my breasts] are bought. I’ve always had a lot of boobs but, you know, after three babies, they sag.”

The singer also underwent eye implant surgery in Africa to change her eye color from brown to ice gray. The operation is illegal in the United States.

She told Good Morning America in 2014, “They go into the eye and they make a little slit. They take an implant and it’s folded up. They open it [and] spread it over your eye.”

Harris took a lot of flak for the eye color surgery. She responded to critics by saying she had “the right” to make the change.

“I just wanted to do something different,” the former Xscape artist said. “And I have the right to do that. It’s my body.”

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