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‘I’ve Learned to Accept God’s Will:’ Steve Harvey at Peace with Network Changes Coming to His Talk Show This Year

The new year usually marks a chance for personal reflection, and Steve Harvey is doing just that. The host of “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” took time on the radio program Tuesday to acknowledge the upcoming changes with his talk show happening later this year. And by the looks of it, he’s not the least bit concerned.

Reports emerged in 2018 that this fall Harvey’s daytime talk show, “Steve,” would no longer serve as the lead-in to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on NBC stations in 11 markets. Instead, the talker would be replaced by a test run of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” in cities including Philadelphia, Miami and Los Angeles. “Steve” is not, however, in danger of a complete cancellation.

“They gon’ close the door on me in 2019,” Harvey says on the Jan. 8 broadcast of his radio program. “All that means for me is God has another door for me to open. These people that make these decisions at these networks and stuff, they don’t control my life. They control that little piece of section over there. I got the rest of ’em. God in charge of me.”

He used his experience to inform an inspirational message to his listeners about their own challenges they’re likely to encounter this year.

“So every door that closes for you in 2019, if you understand that that allows for an opportunity for another door to open,” Harvey says before offering that maybe rest and relaxation are in order before a new opportunity will arise.

Then, the host declares he’s at peace with whatever the Lord has in store for him this year.

“I’ve learned to accept God’s will and understand that everything that happens to me, happens to me for my good and my betterment,” he says. “Because the God that I serve didn’t bring me this far to leave me.”

Fans eagerly soaked up the star’s timely message.

“Jus the right word i needed to hear. Thanks Steve.”

“If you don’t preeeeech!!!!!! 🙌🏿”

“I needed to see this today ❤️”

Harvey has addressed the shakeup with his talk show before.

When speaking to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in October, the comic said he remained hopeful despite the less-than-stellar news.

“I’ve always been an optimistic person,” Harvey disclosed. “This is NBC’s decision. … I don’t own any TV networks, but I’m not a grudge type of person. I happen to be a talent. I think people recognize that. Whatever happens with the show moving forward, I’ll be just fine.”

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