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‘I Need Your Help’: 4-Year-Old Sets Out to Rally Kidney Donors for Dad in Need

A typical 4-year-old shouldn’t be concerned about whether or not her father gets a kidney transplant, but this Atlanta youngster is not the usual preschool-aged child.

Madison Johnson enlisted her mother’s help to create a video over the holidays to urge the public to donate a kidney to her father, Deblon Johnson. The tot’s video was uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 26, and in it Madison is very clear about what she wants.

“Hi, my name is Madison and I’m 4 years old and I need your help,” the young girl starts her video. “My daddy needs a kidney. His blood type is B positive. Please, please, please call my mommy today.”

In an accompanying document listing the requirements for kidney donation, Madison says donors who wish to help her father, who has kidney failure, can have either O or B positive blood types. Other requirements include being a non-smoker and having no history of high blood pressure, illness or abusing drugs or alcohol.

Those who fit the bill have been asked to contact the girl’s mother, Kameisha Johnson, either by phone or email.

“I’m happy that the word is spreading, but it makes me really sad because she doesn’t really understand what going on,” said Johnson, to CBS46 Jan. 7.

Yet, both Kameisha and Madison’s dad, Delbon Johnson are pleased that their daughter’s video has begun gaining some traction.

“Sure hope your daddy finds someone who can help him love your sweet post GOD Bless you,” one Facebook user said on the social networking site Monday.

Another offered their prayers.

Delbon has been awaiting a kidney transplant for four years and his kidney function has gotten progressively worse during that time.

“It’s actually functioning about 10 percent right now,” Delbon said to the local news station. “I pee probably once a week and I can feel my body just breaking down slowly and slowly.”

Kameisha noted “it’s very very important just for Delbon to get a kidney, so he can live a long life.”

Anyone able to donate their kidney to Madison’s dad can reach her mother at 678-948-7061 or [email protected].

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