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Ginuwine Takes a Crack at Folks Making Fun of His Beard: ‘Keep It Coming’

R&B singer Ginuwine laughed along with fans who threw jabs at his newly grown beard.

The “Same Ol’ G'” artist walked into the New Year with a new look, but not all of social media was feeling it. Folks used a selfie of Ginuwine sporting his new full-grown beard in a side-by-side meme with cartoon villain Brutus from “Popeye the Sailor.”

The tagline for the meme read, “Who wore it better? Ginuwine [or] Brutus.”


photo courtesy @ginuwine

Ginuwine reposted the photo on his Instagram page this past weekend and laughed at fans who created the meme of him and the cartoon character.

“I saw this and had to post this is some funny s–t,” his Jan. 5 caption read. “I have to say Brutus WON!!!!!! Lolol love it keep it coming …you gotta be able to laugh at yourself people lolololo im dying right now #entertainment #thegreatestshowonearth #22yearsandstillgoingstrong #daddybcziearnedit #maybethiswillmakeyoustophatinglol #ginuwine #stopsloutchingblolfacelooksfatlol.”

Fans weighed in on the meme and applauded Ginuwine for laughing at it instead of taking it seriously.

“I was like daaaamn why they do @ginuwine like that, then I was like oh wait, he posted it. You gotta laugh at yourself sometimes 😂😂😂.”

“Thats right G turn a negative to a positive.. you keep being amazing.. @ginuwine Brutus 🤣🙌🏾.”

“And that was the proper way to address ur haters! I ❤️ it! 😂😂 Love you Genuine but Brutus has it hands down #beardgang.”

The ’90s heartthrob who’s known for his popular songs “Pony,” “In Those Jeans,” “So Anxious” and many others, joined a list of celebrities who stepped into 2019 with a new look including megastar Usher and Atlanta rapper Young Joc.

He also joined a gang of other folks who are apart of the “beard gang” including rapper Rick Ross, Drake, and comedian Steve Harvey. Harvey also made buzz last year with his new grown salt-and-pepper beard after he decided ditch his signature mustache.

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