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Dancehall Stars Spice of ‘LHHATL’ and D’Angel in Nasty Beef: ‘Talk About Black Hypocrisy’

There’s a major beef going on in the dancehall world between Spice and D’Angel, one that seems to be heating up daily.

It started in late December when Spice claimed that D’Angel — ex-wife to Beenie Man — harassed her for a collaboration. From there, the two women did the song “No Worries,” but Spice said afterward that D’Angel stopped contacting her and disappeared completely.

Spice also claimed that D’Angel’s stylist insulted her on social media and D’Angel should’ve stopped it.

So in response, the “I’m Blessed” creator said it was Spice who stalked her for the song, not the other way around.

“We rip it up, the song become a No. 1 song all over the world, and inna the people dem heart, people, mi promote the song with all mi heart; mi run with the song, it reach where it deh. Mi thank you for the collaboration, but lady, mi no owe yuh nothing,” D’Angel said.

Plus, D’Angel brought up Spice’s single “Black Hypocrisy” and the campaign surrounding it, when it looked like Spice bleached her skin.

In October the “Love & Hip-Hop” star posted a photo of herself with an entirely new, lighter look before the song dropped. But she later revealed it was all fake to make a point about self-love.

But according to D’Angel, Spice really bleached her skin and it was long before the “Black Hypocrisy” single. She also accused the reality star of always talking about women’s empowerment, then starting beefs.

“Which woman yuh empower? asked D’Angel. “Yuh a di quickest woman to tear down a next woman inna dancehall, outta dancehall, anywhere at all. How mi a guh come ah yuh woman empowerment all come support yuh? That means that [all] along yuh a hypocrite and hate me. Why yuh invite me there if yuh know yuh hate me and ignorant fi me? Ms Hypocrite. You are the true definition of hypocrisy? Hypocrite.”

“Yuh a come talk ‘bout ‘Black Hypocrisy?’ Yuh like yourself? Do you like your skin color? she continued. “No, you don’t. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love others. Yuh bleach for years and it can come ’cause yuh skin thick like a rubber.”

Spice eventually responded, dissed D’Angel and talked about her divorce to Beenie Man.

“Your p—y give you a ring? But it’s the same p—y that make you lose the ring because you f— the man friend,” Spice claimed.

We’ve reached out to both women for a comment and now waiting for a response.

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