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Peter Thomas’ Shady Remark About Cynthia Bailey’s Boyfriend Has Fans in Stitches

Peter Thomas caught up with old pals Nene and Gregg Leakes on Sunday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and he let his shade flag fly when it came to addressing his ex-wife’s new man.

As Nene began filling Thomas in on what’s going on in Cynthia Bailey’s love life with Fox Sports 1 analyst Mike Hill, the Bar One founder initially downplayed the relationship.

“I didn’t know it was real,” Thomas says when the Swagg Boutique owner mentions Bailey has a boyfriend.

Thomas went on to say he wasn’t sure if he knew who Hill was despite his status as a sportscaster.

“Well, you know what? Nene, I am so busy,” he continues when asked if he’d be willing to meet Hill.

He also doubted that he may share some similarities with his ex’s new man. “I don’t watch Fox Sports, I watch ESPN. Stephen A. Smith, that’s my guy.”

Yet Hill has not always been with FS1. He spent nine years with ESPN before joining his current network in 2013.

Regardless, fans ate up the diss online.

“Peter said he doesn’t watch FOX SPORTS he watches ESPN. 🤣😂🌴🌴🌴#RHOA.”

“The shade is real Peter #RHOA.”

“Lol. Peter throwing shade at @FOXSports and he still want that Georgia peach though #RHOA.”

Despite Leakes crowning him The Shade King for his remark, Thomas said he was happy for Bailey’s newfound love.

Bailey and Thomas were married from 2010 to 2017, and their union played out in front of “RHOA” cameras. As such, their marital woes also became an issue that was prominently featured on the show. Those issues included alleged meddling from Bailey’s sister, Malorie, which emerged from the get-go, and allegations that Thomas had cheated on his model wife.

Once the marriage imploded, Thomas indicated that he had no issues in the union, but Bailey did. Thomas also said he was “blindsided” when she filed for divorce in 2016.

“We were separated for about five or six months. I think I’ve only seen Cynthia once — because I’m in Charlotte and she’s in Atlanta,” he said on “The Wendy Williams Show” at the time. “Our whole marriage was on the show, and it’s not easy to live that life … I don’t think she was built for that.”

Since the split, both Thomas and Bailey have moved on. Since at least 2018, the Charlotte, N.C.-based businessman is romancing a younger woman named Toni, whom Gregg teased his pal about on the Jan. 6 episode of “RHOA.”

Even before Steve Harvey hooked up Bailey and Hill five months ago, Thomas had indicated he wasn’t necessarily the coolest with seeing his ex moving on when she was dating entrepreneur Will Jones last season.

“I was with you for 10 years,” Thomas said when Bailey admitted she didn’t know if she wanted to introduce the two when they were at the same event. “I’ve never seen you with another man, so I didn’t want to come over there and say ‘hello’ to you.”

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