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Peter Thomas Muses About Love and Commenters Think He’s Got Cynthia Bailey on the Brain

Peter Thomas appears to be in a reflective mood as he recently uploaded a video to his Instagram page musing about love. And the clip has fans wondering if he’s longing for his ex-wife Cynthia Bailey.

“Chillin’ at Sports One. I’m listening to this Maxwell cut, it’s crazy,” he says in the video uploaded to his Instagram page on Wednesday. “You gotta go through some s— to get through some s—. Ya have to go through some s— to get through some s—. And when you get there, you’re gonna know that you have arrived.

“People really think they know what’s best for you but, actually, they don’t,” he adds. “I know what’s best for me. I know what make my heart feel how I want it to feel: full with joy. When you hold somebody and you feel the warmness of them. Wow.”

“Love is❤️ @sportsoneclt @cluboneclt @baronemiamibeach,” the restaurateur added in the caption of the Dec. 5 clip.

Fans felt Thomas may have been referencing his “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star ex in so many words, despite him recently posing with his longtime girlfriend, Toni. And despite Bailey being smitten with Mike Hill.

“Do You Miss Cynthia 😉”

“@cynthiabailey10 IJS”


“You missing 51Cent?”

Thomas and Cynthia wed in a lavish ceremony in July 2010. The pair spent six nearly years together before the 51-year-old model filed to divorce Thomas in 2016. When the split was announced, it came at a time when the couple was living separately, as Bailey remained in Atlanta while Thomas resided in Charlotte, N.C. to oversee his burgeoning businesses there.

Before the divorce went through, Thomas stopped by “The Wendy Williams Show” to discuss his side of things during their separation.

He said he was “blindsided” by Bailey’s announcement that they’d be getting divorced.

“We were separated for about five or six months. I think I’ve only seen Cynthia once – because I’m in Charlotte and she’s in Atlanta,” he said. “Our whole marriage was on the show and it’s not easy to live that life … I don’t think she was built for that.”

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