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Madonna’s New Appearance Shocks 50 Cent: ‘What the F— is Going on’

There were some photos of Madonna that recently surfaced, and it looked like she’d had some surgery done to her backside.

On New Year’s Eve, the veteran singer made a surprise appearance at New York City’s The Stonewall Inn with her 13-year-old son David on the guitar, and she ran through some hits.

50 Cent expressed confusion over Madonna's rumored new butt.


But folks online quickly noticed that Madonna looked different from the back and began talking about plastic surgery. Eventually, 50 Cent weighed in and, like a lot of people did, he expressed confusion.

“Hahahaha,” he wrote. “Madonna got her ass done. What the f— is going on?”

Other’s also commented on the singer’s derriere and gave all kinds of jokes.

“Why it look like she put tissue in her pants, though,” someone wrote.

“She need to go get her money back,” wrote another.

A third person said they follow 50 on social media, because he speaks his mind and says whatever he wants

“See this is why you’re loved, because you’ll speak on the things others think about,” that person wrote. “I promise you the other day I seen this and said noooooooooo…. Whyyyyyyyyy. Keep being free.”

Others, however, said it was wrong for 50 to comment on a woman’s choice to get plastic surgery and defended Madonna. She also took to social media and responded with some pushback of her own. Plus, there’s no confirmation that Madonna actually received plastic surgery on her backside.

“Desperately seeking no one’s approval,” she wrote “And entitled to free agency over my body like everyone else.”

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