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Matt Barnes Buys Girlfriend New Car After Child Support Payments to Ex-Wife Get Lowered

Matt Barnes purchased a new car for his girlfriend Anansa Sims shortly after a judge lowered his child support payments to ex Gloria Govan by almost half.

The former NBA star bought Sims — who’s the daughter of model Beverly Johnson — a 2019 Cadillac Escalade for Christmas, which she posted a video of. Earlier this month, the couple welcomed their son Ashton Joseph, so it’s been a pretty eventful end of the year for them to say the least.

Matt Barnes bought his girlfriend a new car after a judge lowered his child support payments by almost half.


“Thank you, baby,” Sims wrote in the car video. “I love you, Mi Amor.”

Barnes and Sims also posted a photo of their blended family on Christmas, that showed his twin boys, as well as Sims’ three children.

The child support reduction comes shortly after the former Los Angels Laker received primary custody of his boys, which allows Govan to see them once a week, as well as every other weekend.

In Sept. the “Basketball House Wives” star was arrested for felony child endangerment when she refused to let Barnes leave with the twins after he picked them up from school.

Shortly after the arrest, Govan had to stay at least 100 feet away from Barnes and the boys after he filed a restraining order. The charges against the mother-of-two were eventually dropped, because it couldn’t be proven that she caused the twins actual harm.

In regards to the new Escalade Barnes bought for Sims, people had all kinds of things to say about it.

“Girl, you know you hit the jackpot,” one woman wrote.

“Six kids altogether? Yes this was a needed present,” wrote someone else.

You can see a video of the car below.


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