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Matt Barnes Hit with Restraining Order, Accused of Mistreating His Girlfriend’s Three Older Children

Former NBA star Matt Barnes has been served a restraining order and is being accused of mistreating his girlfriend Anansa Sims’ three older children — Ava Brielle, David Patterson Jr., and Dean Danny.

Sims shares her children with former pro football player David Patterson Sr. But Patterson was not the one that filed the claim against Barnes. 

Matt Barnes Hit with Restraining Order, Accused of Mistreating His Girlfriend's Three Older Children
Anansa Sims, Matt Barnes. (Photo: @anansasims/Instagram)

The Blast reports Patterson’s girlfriend, Melisa Andino, filed a restraining order against Barnes and claimed that she, Patterson, and his three kids have been victims of harassment from the former NBA star.

The Blast reported, “[Andino] explains that the two families are engaged in co-parenting children, but feels they are not in a good place while staying at Barnes. Plus she is accusing him of harassing them in group text messages.”

Harassment is not a word the 42-year-old basketball player is unfamiliar with, for he was questioned by the NYPD for allegedly choking a woman inside a nightclub back in 2016.

While Barnes claimed he never choked anyone and his altercation was an act of self-defense, the news spread like wildfire, and Barnes never quite lived the situation down. 

Barnes was also involved in a physical altercation with former L.A. Lakers teammate, Derek Fisher, who was seeing Barnes’ ex-wife. the former “Basketball Wives” star Gloria Govan, in the midst of their divorce. 

Although reports stated that Barnes threw the first blow, Fisher “did not want to pursue charges,” according to TMZ.

In additional documents obtained by The Blast, Andino explained a concerning incident for her that involved Patterson’s three children.  

“August 22nd 2022: The children reported to me and my fiance. David Patterson, that they were scared of Matt. They said he is not nice to them. They said they are treated like visitors at his home even though they live there. Little David (oldest son) said that he spends most of his time in a closet at Matt’s house.”

The documents also included claims that stated the children’s mother “loves Matt more than she loves them.”

Barnes and Sims began dating in 2018 right as his divorce from Govan was finalized, however, their relationship has been far from picture perfect. 

After welcoming their baby boy, Ashton Barnes, in 2018, cheating rumors began to swirl around involving Barnes, prompting the couple’s very public breakup in 2020. 

Instagram shade made its way onto the scene after Barnes stated his hopes of being “allowed” to see his son, making fans assume Sims was withholding his son from him, an accusation the plus-size model later disputed. 

Sims also alleged that Barnes had been harassing her through text messages and social media posts. 

Their messy breakup made fans believe they were done for good, or at least until Sims uploaded photos onto her Instagram confirming the two were officially back together in January 2021. 

Matt Barnes and Anansa Sims. Photo: anansasims/ Instagram

“Happy New Year! Love wins! [red heart],” she wrote. 

Hopefully, the blended family can get things situated quickly for the sake of their children.

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