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Nick Cannon Sparks Debate After Saying the Woman in His Life Doesn’t Have To Work: ‘I Want To Be a Provider’

Nick Cannon created a sizeable debate after he said the woman in his life doesn’t have to work, because he’ll take care of her.

If you with me you don’t have to work,” he said during an interview on VladTV. “That’s not even on some baby mama stuff. If you with me you don’t go to work. I want to be a provider. That’s what I feel I was put on this planet for. I love taking care of women. Like, let me upgrade you.”

Nick Cannon said the woman in his life doesn't have to work, which sparked a debate.


Cannon then said that taking care of a woman says a lot more about a man than spending money at a strip club or having “the illest shoes or the car,” and the debate began right after his words hit the internet.

On one side of the argument, people said Nick is the kind of guy that every woman wants, and they would love to be taken care of.

“How it should be,” one woman wrote. “Personally, I’m still going to work, but this is a king ladies.” 

Sounds like he’s figured out the perfect formula to keep his family and kids happy,” wrote another. “No judgment on my end.”

But on the other side, many said that a man who takes care of a woman is really paying for a ticket to do whatever he pleases in the relationship.

“Women all geeked up hearing this, but they not thinking about what comes with it,” one person warned.

“Don’t think for one second if a man takes care of you he’s gonna be faithful. He’s not going to be at your house every night. You’re not going be the only one. If you’re cool with that than everything will go smooth. There will be a control aspect to it also. You won’t be able to do any and everything with the things he provides too,” that person added.

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