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Chris Brown’s ‘Fans’ Reported Him for Having a Pet Monkey Now He Faces Up to 6 Months In Jail

Anyone who keeps up with Chris Brown and his social media pages might’ve known that he purchased a monkey named Fiji a while back. He was also criticized when he allowed his daughter Royalty, just 3 then, to play with it.

Eventually, someone who was bothered by the monkey situation notified the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and they showed up at the singer’s house, according to TMZ.

Chris Brown facing jail time for pet monkey


At that point, they asked Brown if he had a permit for the pet, and he answered no. So the authorities left and came back with a warrant to search the home, but Brown handed them the monkey on his own volition.

But he was still charged by the Los Angeles City Attorney with “two counts of having a restricted species,” and the charges come with a maximum jail sentence of 6 months.

Meanwhile, Brown is in the middle of another legal situation involving an alleged rape committed by one of his friends at his home. The woman, known only as Jane Doe, is suing the singer and asked a judge to allow her legal team to search his home without Brown filming them.

Doe’s legal team accused the singer of wanting to film the inspection as a way to intimidate their client, while Brown’s attorney’s said filming everything is merely for protection.

“We want to make sure the home is protected, and our client is protected,” said Brown’s legal team. “Your client has already made false accusations against Mr. Brown, so we want to simply videotape the premises and inspection as it is being conducted to make sure your client doesn’t make up further false allegations against Mr. Brown.”

The singer will be in court for owning the monkey on Feb. 6.

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