‘A F—ing Joke’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Fed Up with the Scripted Antics After Season Finale

Fans appeared to be up fed with the “Black Ink Crew” cast after their seemingly staged season finale.

The final episode of the VH1 series premiered on December 19 and ended in complete chaos. One of the most talked-about incidents was Teddy Ruks asking for his girlfriend Tati‘s hand in marriage at a wedding venue in Rochester, N.Y., arranged for Young Bae, who backed out of her own wedding at the last minute. The couple called themselves beginning the ceremony with a pastor in their presence. However, their so-called wedding went downhill after Sky Days objected by throwing a chair at the pair.

Black Ink Crew

Teddy Ruks and Tati. (VH1 screenshot)

“Black Ink” viewers called out Ruks and Tati’s “fake marriage” by saying that the couple had to have a marriage license present.

“It was fake lol No marriage license Sky mad he moved on lol that’s crazy The chair throwing was staged 🙄.”

“Bro this s–t was fake af! How and the hell they gone get married with no marriage license smh just dumb.”

Other folks called the entire reality series “scripted.”

“Super fake and stupid 🤣! Need to throw this entire season away! Straight up garbage.”

“Definitely fake cuz my family would have dogged Sky no way this would have went down lol bad acting issa joke.”

“They going to far with the scripted man 🤦🏾‍♂️#straightfake.”

“Ugh. This staged shit is getting more and more obvious. It’s just not as enjoyable when you know it’s fake. Lort.

“Everything about this episode seemed scripted😔.”

Ruks and his cousin Ceaser Emanuel also gained a bad reputation during season 7 of “Black Ink Crew” after double-teaming Alex Robinson in a fight. Ruks apologized to the tattoo artist on Instagram for his involvement in the altercation but later deleted the post.

”To the Young Philly Man *You Know Who You Are…* I WAS WRONG AND I APOLOGIZE TO ALEX! Ruks wrote on December 14. “You made me understand and I will do better for us. ✊🏿#blackinkcrew #love.”

Fans didn’t buy Ruks’ apology one bit and called it “bulls–t.”

“You’re only saying sorry because the world is mad at you you fat ass kelly price! It’s bulls–t!” one fan wrote.


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