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50 Cent Gifts Himself Two Pricey Vehicles and Quickly Responds To Those Who Say He’s Flexing

These days, one could say things have been going pretty well for Curtis Jackson, otherwise known as 50 Cent. For one, his show “Power” couldn’t be hotter and its sixth season any more anticipated at the moment.

Plus, he’s landed a $150 million deal with the Starz network to develop more programming, including the upcoming crime series “BMF,” about the former drug organization The Black Mafia Family.

50 Cent brought himself a Rolls Royce and Lamborghini for he holidays.


So to possibly celebrate all of that or maybe just to treat himself for the holiday season, 50 purchased two pricey vehicles for himself, a yellow Lamborghini Aventador and a white Rolls Royce.

The rapper also posted photos of himself sitting on both cars to prove ownership and to show that he’s not just posing with the vehicles for show.

“They don’t let you do this in the dealership until you pay for them,” wrote 50 under the photo of himself with the Lamborghini.

And under the picture of himself with Rolls Royce, Fif said he has no problem with impulse spending, and he won’t hesitate to drop hundreds of thousands if something catches his eye. He also told those who may think he’s showing off to get off his page if they’re bothered.

“If I like it I’m getting it,” wrote the G-Unit founder. “If you don’t like it don’t watch.”

But most seemed to be excited for 50 instead of annoyed, and there were a lot of folks who really liked the vehicles.

“Time to work, time to flex. Keep flexing, big boss,” someone wrote.

“@50Cent true inspiration to the hood dude,” wrote another.

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