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Tamar Braxton Hosts Early Christmas Gift Exchange and Makes a Surprising Discovery About Her Son

Tamar Braxton learned the hard way that children don’t always want expensive things for Christmas.

The singer on Thursday hosted a gift exchange at her home and soon discovered her 5-year-old son wasn’t as interested in the PS4 she gifted him as he initially seemed.

“Chile…. we opened gifts last night cause we are taking the kids on vacation,” Braxton captioned the Dec. 20 video of the family opening gifts early. “And Logan don’t care NOTHING about what he ‘pretended’ he wanted. He would rather have the $10 dollar car we found at the alley 👀…..The moral to the story is that I’m taking this ps4 BACK to the store and collecting my funds💅🏾 parents: find out what they REALLY want cause u could be blessed with $400 dollar unwanted returned gift too☺️ OR give them the cheap s— first💪🏽 #lookatgod #keepyacoins 😂”

Luckily, Braxton wasn’t alone in her realization as fans disclosed they have had similar experiences with their children.

“So true my daughter did the same thing to me at that age lol.”

“Exactly. My hubby and I did this store one year that had toys $10 & under. We spent $100 a piece on each child. Needless to say the kids went berserk after they saw the fifty plus gifts each they had under the tree 🌲 Happy Holidays.”

“You ain’t never lied. Shoot and when they are smaller than that @tamarbraxton all they want is an old cell phone and a set of keys lol.”

“What they want is a big cardboard box, after they take everything out. You can expect him to be like that for the next 8 Christmas.”

Others found Braxton’s discovery hilarious.

“Haha he just wanted a little car and his momma. That’s it.”

“🤣🤣🤣 I feel you”

“😂😂😂ima try dat!! Got me spending all my damn money!! 🔥 @tamarbraxton.”

“@tamarbraxton 🗣🗣🗣🗣 I am deceased!!!!!!😂😂🤣🤣”

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