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50 Cent Takes Son Sire to O Magazine, People React, Men Lust After Gayle King

50 Cent took his son Sire to the offices of O Magazine, and fans had a lot to say about it.

The rapper posted two photos of the visit. One of them shows him talking to the staff, and the other is a shot of himself and 6-yera-old Sire speaking with Gayle King.

50 Cent took his son Sire to O Magazine and got a big reaction


Afterward, a lot of people said it was wonderful that Fif took his boy to a meeting, so he can get a taste of the business world. Plus, they mentioned his relationship with Sire, which seems to be a good one.

“I took Sire with me to the O magazine office to have a tasting for Le Chemin du Roi (TheKing),” wrote 50 next to the photos. “He was like ‘If I be good, can I open a gift?'”

“He’s learning from his pops on how business strategies are made,” one person commented. “We have to start turning those wheels in our kids’ minds to strategize.”

“Boss in the making,” wrote someone else about Sire.

“The love in your eyes for him,” a third person wrote. “What a sweet boy.”

Then there were plenty of men who didn’t write anything at all about 50 or Sire, they lusted after Gayle and made all kinds of comments about her.

“Gayle King so fine,” one person wrote.

“Aunty Gayle looking nice,” another commented

“I must say, Gayle can get it,” wrote a third.

Gayle hasn’t responded to her admirers yet. On top of that, there were also a lot of people who complimented 50’s blue suit.

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