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Matt Barnes Asks Judge to Lock Up Gloria Govan for Violating Restraining Order

Matt Barnes wants his ex Gloria Govan in jail.

The former couple was in court on Wednesday (Dec. 19), and Barnes accused Govan of violating an established restraining order a total of 59 times.

Matt Barnes asked a judge to put Gloria Govan in jail for violating a restraining order.


The former NBA star got the order in place last month after Govan showed up at their sons’ school and wouldn’t let him take them. It was something Govan was arrested for after she also became combative with police.

To violate the order, Barnes claimed that his ex came within 100 yards of their son at a football game, texted them on numerous occasion and Facetimed them a lot. He also accused her of using a GPS tracking device to keep track of the twin’s whereabouts.

Mark Gross, however, Govan’s attorney, said none of those things violate the order and he’ll try to get it thrown out completely.

So far, details of the former couple’s custody battle has captured plenty of attention. Barnes was granted primary physical custody of the twins, and Govan is allowed to visit them one day during the week. She also keeps them at her house every other weekend.

The judge also dropped Barnes’ child support payments from $20,000 a month to $7,500 monthly. The former Los Angeles Clipper said the lower amount was necessary because he doesn’t make the same as he did when played for the NBA.

The judge has yet to make a ruling on whether Govan violated the restraining order.

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