‘Couple Goals:’ Papoose Cements Status as Hip Hop’s Best Husband When He Gives This High-Priced Push Gift to Wife Remy Ma

After welcoming a new baby girl with Remy Ma over the weekend, Papoose gifted his wife with a luxurious push present.

The rapper and his bride appeared on “Good Morning America” in November and the hosts mentioned a push gift, something given to a mom to mark the birth of her child. Papoose ended up going through with the present to his fellow MC spouse on Monday and shared the surprise on Instagram Dec. 17: a new Cadillac Escalade Platinum.

“@michaelstrahan I got that push present my brother!! 🙏🏾 Thanks for the great suggestion. The queen most definitely deserves it,” Pap excitedly wrote on the social media site. “She’s been breast feeding our baby, around the clock. 🙏🏾🙏🏾 #thegoldenchild is HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also happy wedding anniversary my love, many more!!!!!!!! Thanks for giving me #thegoldenchild #blacklove 2019 Escalade Platinum!!!!!!!!! @gmaday @sarahaines 🙏🏾.”

“But I didn’t even make it all the way to 10 centimeters with no epidural!” a surprised Remy said in the accompanying video of her gift.

Regardless, she was excited to climb into the luxury SUV, which was equipped with a cooler for her to keep her breast milk cold and ready for baby on the go.

The gift not only won Pap points with his wife but with fans, too.

“Yasssss PaP! Job well done🔥🔥💯 Welcome Home #GoldenChild #TeamSag…Love the new truck Rem😍😍 #blackloveforever🖤”

“😁Such a good husband to Rem, blessings to you both 🙏”

“Papoose literally the best husband!!”

“Omg!! Remy & Pap 💜👑✊🏿 #blacklove … okay Pap we need you to write a book or do a tour on schooling these dudes…We need more men like you 💯”

“Now Pap you know dam well you need to write a book for the hood niggas on how to keep and be down for a Queen #gotmadrespectforya.”

“Well deserved remy !!…Papp you a real one.”

“I am so happy for you guys I love that black Love wow happy happy.”


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