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Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James Hangout Amid Rumors That Melo Is Joining the Lakers

Was it a business dinner to discuss Carmelo Anthony joining the Los Angeles Lakers or was it just two friends catching up?

That’s what a lot of folks are trying to figure out after Melo was seen hanging out with LeBron James at a New York City steakhouse. Their wives attended the dinner as well, and cameras caught the two future Hall of Famers leaving afterwards.

Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James seen hanging out amid rumors that Carmelo is joining the Los Angeles Lakers.


The clip surfaced just one day after the former NBA star John Salley told a TMZ reporter that he had inside information that Melo was heading to sunny California to play with LeBron.

Salley reportedly has a close relationship with the Laker’s President of Operations Magic Johnson and has other close ties around the league.

And for what it’s worth, LeBron and Carmelo have been close friends since their early playing days, which also fuels rumors that Melo will be donning purple and gold soon.

“I’m looking forward to Carmelo Anthony and others joining LeBron before February 14th,” said Salley as he winked.

It’s certainly been a tough road for Melo since he left the New York Knicks in 2017. Once a franchise player and considered the biggest offensive threat next to LeBron and possibly Kevin Durant, he’s had an unsuccessful stint with the Oklahoma City Thunder and for the Houston for the Rockets. In fact, Melo only played 10 games for the Rockets before they let him go.

But conversely, his personal life seems to be going wonderfully, since he and La La Anthony have reunited after being estranged for a while.

You can see the video of LeBron and Melo hanging out here.

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