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Tisha Campbell-Martin Isn’t So Sure About Dating in 2018 After Receiving Unsolicited Nude Pics

Tisha Campbell-Martin is continuing to sort through the details of her divorce from husband Duane Martin but as she does, she is continuing to enjoy the single life and has confirmed she’s back on the dating scene.

The co-host of “The Soul Train Music Awards 2018” told “The Real” on Dec. 8 that she was on the hunt while still hanging back and enjoying life solo.

“It has to be someone who’s evenly yolked,” she says of the kind of guy she’s seeking. “Somebody who loves my boys. … But dating is weird now … y’all do different stuff. Like the texting … Oh! And then the pics are disrespectful! You know what kinda pics I’m talking about. Don’t send me no discombobulated … looking things to me! I don’t wanna see that!”

Campbell-Martin is in the midst of settling a divorce from her husband of 20 years with whom she shares two sons: 9-year-old Ezekiel Martin and 17-year-old Xen Martin.

The former “Dr. Ken” star is hoping Martin will provide spousal support and in documents filed in September, Campbell-Martin stated his $750,000 worth of shirts show why he should be shelling out alimony.

As for the actress’ dating woes, fans who are in similar stages of their romantic lives can relate. And they shared as much in the comments section of the clip.

“It’s true the single dating world is changing so bad and it’s disgusting. No one wanna see that ewww 😷”

“Pics are #DISRESPECTFUL lol.”

“Girlfriend has got a taste of what dating life is all about it nowadays which are nothing like when she and her husband first got together. This is something we’re all going through, the mind games, the constant texting, and the asking for pictures instead of meeting in person. It’s unbelievable and very disheartening! And you said it right Tisha, the Lord Jesus Christ! Standing ovation on that!”

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