Fans Dub NeNe Leakes a ‘Flip Flopper’ for Calling for Phaedra Parks’ Return to RHOA

Reality star NeNe Leakes thinks it’s about time former castmate Phaedra Parks makes her return to “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and most fans are in agreeance.

Leakes made the plea in an Instagram post this week, sharing a photo of she and Parks at her birthday bash over the weekend. The two smiled side-by-side as Leakes placed an arm over her old friend’s shoulder.

“I gotta lot of gifts but this 1 takes the cake @phaedraparks,” she captioned the photo, followed by hashtags #fixitjesus #RHOA #comeonbackP #phaephae and #bdayturnup.

Parks, an attorney to the celebrities, was booted off the show last year after she was caught spreading damaging rumors about co-star Kandi Burrus and her husband Todd Tucker, alleging the couple had planned to drug and kidnap castmate Porsha Williams and take her to their so called “sex dungeon.”

Parks denied cooking up the rumors, but was eventually outed after Williams inadvertently spilled the beans during the reality show’s Season 9 reunion.

Leakes seems to think Parks deserves a second chance, however, and she isn’t the only one. Plenty of fans hope to see the attorney back on RHOA soon.

“Bring back Phaedra so i kan start watching again 😫♥️,” one person wrote.

“Bring @phaedraparks back to RHOA…. the show needs her,” another echoed. “That girl with them twins need to go. I don’t even know her name.. she adds no value to the show.”

“Get rid of Kandi and give Marlo and Phaedra a peach,” one fan demanded. “And if you need to get rid of one more, then let it be Shamari [DeVoe] – Thank you kindly 😁”

It wasn’t long before fans turned their attention to Leakes, who they accused of  being “phony” and playing both sides of the fence.

“Girl you so phony, such a flip flopper,” one critic wrote.

“Yes neneleakes is a flip flopper!,” another chimed in. “As soon as Phaedra comes back, she will act like she don’t know her again.”

“Totally agree!! Nene is a big flip flopper!!,” one woman wrote. “Phaedra is the devil!! Lies so slanderous can not be tolerated!!”

NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes and former RHOA castmate Phaedra Parks (left) have had their issues in the past, with Leakes claiming she “didn’t know” Parks depsite growing up in the same city. (Image courtesy of Instagram / @neneleakes)


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