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50 Cent Writes a Savage Message About His Son Marquise Jackson In Christmas Post

50 Cent has been criticized time and again for dissing his son Marquise Jackson on social media, but he still keeps on doing it.

On Monday the rapper shared two photos of his younger son Sire Jackson posing in front of a Christmas tree. One image has the 6-year-old with his hands behind his back flashing a smile, while the other one shows him either doing a Spiderman impression or striking a rock star pose.

50 Cent says he only has one son in new post.


“My dad’s the best, b—ches,” it says in the photo.

50 captioned the picture as well.

“We getting ready for the holidays,” he wrote. “This kid is too much. Lol.”

But someone told 50 he should be posting photos of all his children, not just Sire since he never speaks kindly of Marquise.

“You know for a dad of three, you’re so proud of one child and completely ignore the rest of them,” one guy wrote. “That doesn’t make you a good father. Let’s hope this boy doesn’t grow up like the others. You as a father must find a way to get in touch with the others.”

In the past, 50 chose to diss those who’ve given him family advice out of the blue, but he didn’t do that to this Instagram user. Instead, he took a shot at Marquise by not even claiming him.

“I only have one son,” he wrote. “I was mentoring the other little guy.”

The last exchange between 50 and his eldest son was a couple of weeks ago when Marquise shared a photo of himself and Kyle McGriff, the son of Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, one of Fif’s enemies.

The G-Unit leader pretty much wished death on Marquise after that, which some blasted him for and others said his anger was justified.

Marquise hasn’t commented on this latest diss from his father yet.

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